Financial fears we all have to face

Financial fears we all have to face

You can't get over them until you face them.

Mutual fund managers steamed at new federal agency

A new government agency has financiers pulling their hair out

Buying a Waterfront Home

What you need to consider before buying a waterfront home


Portland OKs Airbnb-type short-term rentals

ASSOCIATED PRESS PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland City Council voted Wednesday to legalize short-term rentals in…

Money health

Physical health tied to financial health

If you want a healthy body, a new study suggests you should also have a healthy bank…

Math errors

Decimal error makes college students ‘millionaires’

Some college applicants are either millionaires or really need to take a few more math classes to…

Freelance writer

So you want to be a freelance writer? Why?

By TOM HENDERSON So you want to be a freelance writer. Bully for you! It is exciting,…

Monkey business

Investments a case of ‘show me the monkey’?

“A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial page could select a portfolio that would do…

Parents and money

Listen your parents about money

Would you accept financial advice from your father? Check one: Yes! My father is my Obi Wan…

Bring Back Our Girls

OPINION: Contribute to help ‘Bring Back Our Girls’

“These big, bad men who claim the imprimatur of God himself for their actions, quake in their…

Personal finance

Americans suck at finances

Americans suck at financial stuff. “The bad news is that many people are missing a solid personal…

Student investments

Investing in college or selling your future to the highest bidder?

Student loans often leave people buried in debit 20 — sometimes 30 or more — years after…

Same-sex joint returns

Same-sex couples face additional tax headaches

With more and more same-sex couples getting married, many of them are experiencing for the first time…

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